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Want to know if your extensive digital marketing efforts are paying off?

Don’t waste time on impossible marketing strategies and complex analytics techniques that are hard to master. Instead, use Google Analytics to boost your business performance!

Google Analytics is a free and powerful web analytics tool that allows any business to track key metrics that affect online traffic performance, providing you with the opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns. When companies use Google Analytics, they will be able to transform valuable digital marketing analytics from previous campaign tracking into actionable, profitable business decisions.

Fifty million businesses thrive in this data-driven digital economy with the Google Analytics platform, leading to high ROI and impressive web traffic.

With Aesperon Academy’s Google Analytics course, that could be your business.

Course Duration
10:00 - 17:00

Google Analytics Course Overview

As Singapore becomes a Smart Nation, mastering data and web analytics skills, such as Google Analytics, is essential for economic growth. By 2022, data analytics services are expected to reach $37 billion.

Leverage the power to supercharge your business with our Google Analytics Course.

With a Google Analytics account, you’ll gain valuable insights into your business, allowing you to formulate better business objectives that help your business grow online. Some of the key metrics you’ll be able to analyse include user behaviour reports and online traffic performance.

Thus, this 2-Day Google Analytics Course (via Synchronous E-learning) will equip you with the skills to be your own business digital marketers. You’ll be able to collect, measure and analyse Google Analytics data, which in turn will help you target specific audiences and develop data-driven digital marketing strategies imperative for your business’ success.

We ease into this Google Analytics Course by beginning with an introduction to Google Analytics, covering key terminologies and basic Google Analytics tools. Next, you’ll set up a Google Analytics account before guiding you through the Google Analytics dashboard for setup and personalisation.

Once you are familiar with the foundation of Google Analytics, we will dive deeper into web analytics with six extensive reports. These reports will allow you to have an overview of your customers and their actions while using your website, helping you determine the success of your digital marketing campaign.

Before we reach the end of this Google Analytics Training Course, we will practise Advanced Reporting skills. You’ll also learn how to install tracking code and deploy Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager. By the end of the course, you will walk away skilled in data analytics for future digital marketing campaigns.

Help your business grow online with our Google Analytics Training Course today!


Google Analytics Course Modules

overview google analytics

Introduction to Google Analytics

  • Understand the importance of using Google Analytics for your business
  • Get familiar with crucial Google Analytics terminologies
  • Set up a Google Analytics Account and learn to navigate the Google Analytics dashboard
digital marketing analytics course

Deep Diving into Google Analytics Data

  • Learn to analyse customer information across all digital channels
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns
  • Understand customer behaviour with six valuable reports. (Audience Reports, Acquisition Reports, Behaviour Reports, Conversion Reports, Real-Time Reports & Advanced Reports)
tracking code for web traffic
Setting up Ecommerce Tracking for Google Analytics
  • Learn how to install tracking code onto your website
  • Generate and analyse customer-based reports on shopping experience, checkout flow and product performance
google analytics certification
Application of Google Analytics
  • Monitor consumers’ actions using User Behaviour Analysis
  • Evaluate Marketing Channel Performance by identifying objectives of various Attribution Models and their conversion paths
  • Deploying Google Analytics with Tag Manager to ease the management of website tags

Google Analytics Course Goals

By the time you finish this Google Analytics Course (via Synchronous E-learning), you should have acquired the knowledge and skills needed to use right away at work or add to your resume.

This course will help build your confidence in understanding:

  • Key Google Analytics terminology and its core functions
  • How to sieve out insightful customer behaviour in a comprehensive manner
  • The functions of Multi-Channel Funnels in segmenting and filtering vast customer data to generate sales and conversions
  • Customer’s shopping experience, checkout flow and product performance using Enhance Ecommerce

This course will give you the ability to:

  • Start using Google Analytics with confidence
  • Generate custom reports with filters on customer traffic and analyse customer behaviours to better business strategies
  • Present intelligent marketing insights that improve the customer experience of your website using User Behaviour Analysis
  • Measure the effectiveness of all your marketing campaigns based on Marketing Channel Performance
  • Easily update Google Ads, Google Analytics and 3rd party applications and customs tags from Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics Training Course Leader & Facilitator

Gavin Choo

Gavin Choo

Aesperon Academy employs experienced professionals and entrepreneurs that can bring in-depth experience from the field to the classroom each day, ensuring that we can provide the latest industry insights to our students.

Gavin is a seasoned digital marketing entrepreneur and has had over ten years of experience in Digital Marketing under his belt. In these ten years, he has founded several digital agencies and is also well-versed in sales, marketing, and business development. He is highly motivated, warm, and genuinely wants to see his clients realise their growth opportunities online.

Disruptive Digital, a full-service digital agency he co-founded, utilises a unique blend of strategy, creativity, technology, and data to help clients drive growth and competitive advantages.

Gold Poovan Devasagayam

Gold Poovan Devasagayam

Poovan is a CIM UK qualified Digital Marketer and an ACTA/ACLP (Singapore) trainer with more than 20 years of experience in management, customer service, and marketing. As a trainer, he uses a collaborative and interactive approach to make learning effective and enjoyable.
He established 5AIMS Training & Consultancy, a boutique firm with clients in the Asia Pacific and Europe. He is also the Head of Marketing at a global non-profit hospitality exchange organisation.

Poovan is an avid traveller and has lived in Kuala Lumpur, London, and Paris. Currently, he is working towards a Life Coaching Certification and learning French.



I do not have a background in Google Analytics. Is this course still good for me?

YES! You’ll find a pretty wide range of students in our classroom, from: 

  • Existing marketing executives, data analysts, web developers (whether traditional or specialised) who want to upgrade and diversify their skill set and gain confidence in the world of SEO
  • Junior marketing executives, recent graduates or career changers who are seeking a foundational background in this area, to apply for related jobs and get a leg up in interviews
  • Entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to drive more brand awarenesses and drive more traffic to their business

Are there any prerequisites?

Basic computer knowledge. Prior knowledge in Google Analytics will not be required. You are required to bring your laptops for the practical hands-on portions of the workshop, though.

How much does this cost?

This course is fully reimbursable with Skillsfuture Credit! So, you can fully pay for this course with Skillsfuture Credit. See XXX Instructions here.

Will I earn a certificate?

Yes! We will send you your certificate of completion when we’ve finished the course so you can add them to your resume and show it in interviews!

Looking to learn as a team?

If you are interested in creating a private training session for the people in your team, get in touch!


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