WSQ Business Negotiation Course

In today’s economic downturn, it’s crucial to have a qualified understanding of the current business landscape along with effective negotiation strategies to secure the best deals possible.

As business development gets increasingly complex and competitive, having the right skills can greatly aid you in the negotiation process. Whether you want a raise or more productive outcomes with potential business partners, our immersive course will help you develop the negotiation skills needed to meet your goals.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to foster successful negotiation and persuasion skills that create win-win situations for everyone!

Course Duration
09:00 - 18:00
Business Negotiation Skills

Course Outline

Communication is one of the 3 top most-valued soft skills in 2021 and is expected to increase in demand as time goes on.

This training will help you improve your negotiation skills and provide you with the ability to influence people to act in a certain way. More importantly, participants will learn about tactics and knowledge crucial for completing negotiations that would otherwise be deadlocked, maximising the value of the agreements you reach, and handling disagreements before they become costly fights.

In this 2-day intensive Negotiation Course, master the art of negotiation and grow your influence wherever you are. Let our top trainers in Singapore help you discover the best way to build relationships and resolve conflicts with the versatility of negotiation skills.



create a plan for your business
Negotiation Objectives
  • Importance of the negotiation process
  • Preliminary agenda setting and bracketing of applicable objectives
  • Techniques to increase value proposition during negotiation
content writing training
Content of Negotiation
  • How to structure a successful negotiation (Preparation, Preliminary task, Engage your partner, Resolution and Learning from experience)
sociocultural role during Negotiation
Social and Cultural Differences
  • Investigate the role of social conventions while negotiating
Negotiation success
Interpersonal Skills
  • Understand the role of various parties during decision making
  • Identify hidden agendas of interested parties for better outcomes
  • Negotiation strategies for win-win agreements
peaceful Negotiation
Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Manage conflict during negotiations with our proven resolution techniques (Encouragement, Questioning, Confirming, Providing, Checking)
Negotiation experience
Relevant Precedents of Past Negotiations
  • Use the 5W1H technique to analyse past negotiations for better success in the future

Course Goals

By the time you finish this WSQ Course, you should have acquired the required knowledge and skills to use right away at work or add to your resume.

This programme will help build your confidence in understanding:

  • The nature of negotiation
  • The appropriate strategy for negotiation
  • The role of cultural and social principles during negotiation
  • The importance of learning from experience using 5W1H

This course will give you the ability to:

  • Use preparation checklists and SWOT tools before negotiation
  • Develop BATNA (Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement)
  • Apply observation skills on body language to negotiate a better deal
  • Handle objection using taught tactics in 3 different scenarios

Course Leader & Facilitator

Peter Chua

Peter Chua

Course Leader & Facilitator; Adjunct Lecturer with Institutes of Higher Learning

As an accomplished Supply Chain and Supply Management professional with global management and operational experience, Peter has extensive experience with industry-leading companies in the oil & gas, chemical manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries. Peter also holds the following certifications, making him a seasoned trainer for our negotiation workshops:
WSQ Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education
WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment
Advanced Certificate in International Arbitration, CIArb.
MBA in Business Administration, Finance.

Patrick Tan

Patrick Tan

Senior Lecturer; Facilitator and Trainer for CET and PET

Prior to teaching at Aesperon, Patrick was Group Innovation and IT Director for a leading logistics group before taking the role of Global Sales Director covering Europe and Asia. His 25-year professional career covers integrated distribution, express and logistics IT solutions, giving him valuable experience in business negotiations with both MNC and SME clients.

Patrick graduated with an MBA from the Strathclyde Graduate Business School after completing his Bachelor of Science in Business & Management Studies with the University of Bradford.

He is a certified trainer and curriculum developer with an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) and Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education (DACE) awarded by the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) of Singapore.

Patrick is also a registered specialist adult educator (curriculum development) with the Institute for Adult Learning Singapore (SUSS).


Course FAQs

Are there any prerequisites?

Basic computer knowledge. A Desktop/Laptop with Webcam and Microphone is required for the Online Class.

Anyone can attend this course, even those without any corporate experience. This course is also a great opportunity for seasoned professionals like senior managers and executives to refresh their negotiating skills.

How much does this cost?

This course is fully reimbursable with Skillsfuture Credit! That means participants may be eligible for a fully subsidised programme. For more information, visit here.

Will I earn a certificate?

Yes! We will send you your certificate upon course completion so you can add them to your resume and show it in interviews!

Looking to learn as a team?

Aesperon Academy can create private training sessions for sales teams in your organisation. Get in touch today!

“Thank you Aesperon Academy for the skills upgrade. I can now understand better and apply what i had learnt growing up, in proper arrangement. Experience can teach you skills but re-learning how to apply those skills are another matter altogether. I can now manage and negotiate better, with clearer understanding on how to approach them. It will definitely help me in achieving my goals in the near future. ”

Ristendie Mohamed

“The course was very enjoyable and helpful for my career. I even recommended this course to my boss and he is looking to send more people to take courses at Aesperon! ”

Ms Qi

“There were many amicable interactions between trainer and learners, and my biggest takeaway is learning how i can improve my negotiation skills and things i didnt know about.”

Ms Adi

“Negotiation is a process and through this course, i enjoyed learning from the sharings of both trainer and learners. Everything is good.”

Mr Soo

“I liked that there were real life case studies used during the course and the trainer initiates the thought process of learners and facilitates discussions very well.”

Mr Su

“As a Sales Person, I walked away learning so much more about professional negotiation and after the course, I feel so much more confident about applying the new skills to my current job.”

Mr ChongSales Executive

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