Are you itching to try something new? Feeling uninspired and disinterested in achieving greater results within your current role? Or are you wishing you could have taken on another job because your current job is not what you expected it to be? If you are having any of these thoughts, it might be a sign for a mid-career switch. 

Changing jobs can be exciting but also dangerous if you do not have a well thought out plan of what you should do. No matter how relevant the above questions are, you should always first find out whether you are ready for the switch. 

Are you financially ready? 

If you follow any financial advisor on Instagram, you will know by now how important it is to review your financial status. In this case of making a career switch, because finding a suitable job does not happen in an instance, you have to first make sure you have a liquid enough cash flow and assets that can give you at least a six months cushion. If you have a family, it is also crucial to let your loved ones know about your potential career switch in case there is a need for any lifestyle changes. 

Know what you are getting yourself into 

Pull out your electronic gadgets and start researching. Based on the survey done by #IMadetheSwitch campaign across Southeast Asia, 26% of mid-career adults made a mid-career change because their jobs weren’t what they expected. Start finding out the job and industry you are potentially landing into to prevent getting yourself stuck in the same loop again. Consider these questions: Will i be entering a new job in the same industry or a new career in a different industry that requires the same skill set? More importantly, is this industry thriving and will continue to thrive in the future?  

Skilled up for change 

Switching jobs are not just about passion (though important to having a fulfilling career), it also involves having the necessary skills required for the job. Take a quick search on available job postings and study the requirements and task scope needed and ask yourself: “Do I need to learn something new?”.  

As technology advances, you should contemplate expanding your skillset with digital certifications. Bettering your skills is a handy way to build up your resume and improve your chances of being hired. Potential employers will definitely favour employees who display a strong initiative in learning new things. 

Before making the switch, find out whether your company encourages upskilling by providing or covering the cost of classes and upskilling courses. If your company does not have room for additional learning opportunities then create them yourself! SSG and WSG are giving mid-career Singaporeans access to reskilling programmes to boost their employability. The SGUnited Skills programme offers training opportunities for up to 30,000 jobseekers. Aged 40 to 60 Singaporeans can make use of their additional $1000 SkillsFuture credits to learn new skills. 

Other programmes include: 

  • Workforce singapore professional conversion programmes 
  • Skillsfuture mid career enhanced subsidy 

Building an impressive resume 

After you are all charged up with new skills, it is time to let your dedication and hard work pay off. Transitioning to a brand new career does not mean you will necessarily begin from the bottom of the career ladder. One way to do it is by beefing up your resume with industry-relevant skills so your potential employer is aware that you are capable of taking on professional level tasks. You can read more about how to structure the perfect resume here. 

Additional tip: try doing what you want to pursue as a side hobby or part-time to see if it is really something you want to change jobs for. Make use of the connections you have built over the years to see if you can do a trial or undergo training in another department. 

Last but not least, before you go get that dream career, be wise and prepare a backup plan for yourself. What can you fall back on if you don’t land the job you wished for? Are there close alternatives or can you return to your previous job? Once you have considered this far and ticked all the boxes above, you are set to go get that bread! We wish you all the best. 

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